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Black Unicorns Corporation general information and history.

0.0 Corporation involved in Alliance level PVP.

We'll be populating this Wikia with all the information you need from overview tutorials to ship fittings and skill plans.

Skill Planning Edit

If you're using EVEMon or EVE HQ, you can download importable skillplans here:

Asraelle's Google Drive: EVEMon Skill Plans

Image Tutorial LinksEdit

Click these links to learn about some of the daily stuff you'll be doing in Black Unicorns.

ECM Walkthrough

Logistics Walkthrough

How do I join a fleet?

Traveling through 0.0

Is the station camped?

What do?

Mining EfficiencyEdit

When mining you want to have the highest yield in the least amount of time along side the best fitted ship. Follow this link to our Mining Efficiency guide: Mining Efficiency

Latest activity Edit

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